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Rakshak Technologies Pvt. Ltd, has been providing leading edge solutions to its clients since Jan 2015. We were initially focused to provide technological edge to Rakshak Group of companies, which is an initiative for the soldiers by the soldiers.

Based on our client’s requirement, Rakshak Technologies Pvt. Ltd have diversified into many arenas in terms of reach and technological platforms in last 18 months. This process is continuous as Innovation happens to be one of our core strength areas. Being closely related to Armed forces, we have been successfully executing assignments related to production & supply of security gadgets like Body Protection Suits (Anti-Riot Suits) etc. We also deal in marketing and supply of Baggage X-Ray Scanners.

Apart from this, we have executed a number of software projects dealing with Customer Relation Management (CRM), HR Management, Database Design, Web Design etc. In last few months we have stepped up our operations in newer technologies related to Business Intelligence, Web Analytics & Optimization, Web Designing Solutions, SEO/SEM Operations, KPO, and Mobile Application Development.

In near future, Rakshak Technologies Pvt. Ltd, would execute assignments related to Artificial Intelligence. Our R&D team is presently involved in projects related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural networks to provide customized business solutions for our esteemed clients.


To design, develop and maintain products and services pertaining to Education, E- commerce, Real Estate and Security Industries resulting in enhanced Efficiency & Transparency.


To become World Leaders in enriching E-commerce, Education, Real Estate and Security Industries by using Technology.


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You can also reach us by telephone at (020)400 360 12, by email at enquiry@rakshaktech.com

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Meet Our Team

<p><center>Wg Cdr M. Thirumaran (Retd.)</center>

Wg Cdr M. Thirumaran (Retd.)

Chairman & Managing Director
<p><center>Smt. S Devi Thirumaran</center>

Smt. S Devi Thirumaran

<p><center>Group Captain S.V. Phatak (Retd.)</center>

Group Captain S.V. Phatak (Retd.)

<p><center>Wg Cdr Sanjay Bhattacharjee(Retd)</center>

Wg Cdr Sanjay Bhattacharjee(Retd)

VP Data Analytics