Features of CRM

Admin Module:

1.Create New options for Data Collection Form(Active & Deactive option available)
2.Create Executive Credentials
3.Upload Data in Bulk
4.Add customer details
5.Assign the Customers in to Executives
6.Search/Update Customer Details
7.Dashboard i.e checking the support tickets of Exe and reverting with proper replies.
8.Log Tracker of all customers

Executives Module :

1. Record daily activity done for the customers.
2. Support Ticket raise to Admin
3. Reminder Page to check the customers to be called on priority for the day.
4. Check the details of the customer based on tagging for a specified duration(i.e Pipeline report)
5. Record Misc. Call Activity
6. Submit Daily task Report (end of the day)
7. Dashboard to check the Call Average date wise.

Supervisor Module:

1. Review the Executives work for the customers (customer tagged as Not interested, Wrong Number, Transfered to Supervisor etc.)
2. Record daily activity done for the customers.
3. Support Ticket raise to Admin
4. Check Daily/ weekly report Executives Wise (i.e Total Call/Email/SMS Average)
5. Search/Update Customer Details
6. Executives wise Call Records (Dashboard)
7. Dashboard to check the Call Average date wise
8. Distribute the Leads to Executives
9. Set Daily targets of no of Calls to Executives.

Auditor Module:

1. Detail Report Executive wise and Date Wise.
2. Call Average of Executives date wise
3. Sales Stages & Status wise reports for all Executives
4. Site Visited & Sold Conversion Analytics Report
5. Check daily task report submitted by Executives.


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