X-Ray Baggage Scanner


  • Evolve Technologies, India’s first indigenous DXIIS manufacturer, launches the ETS3107-SDX series of Baggage Scanners for Hotels, Shopping Centers, Cargo Facilities & other high security areas.
  • Evolve’s ETS3107- SDX series bring together advanced technology and extreme reliability to provide optimum security solution.
  • Baggage Scanner has capabilities to detect prohibited inorganic & organic materials like weapons, explosives narcotics, etc.
  • Evolve’s ETS3107 – SDX Series is mated to Evolves’s SafeviewTM software which uses 6 color image to display and automatic marking to enhance the operator’s ability to identify suspicious items.
  • Evolve’s ETS3107 – SDX Series has built in state of the art manufacturing facility and meets the stringent requirements with regards to product strength and structural integrity.
  • Evolve’s ETS3107 – SDX Series has an operating temperature from 0°C to 50°C and storage temperature 20°C to 70°C.

       User Friendly Operating Interface

  • Evolve’s ETS3107 – SDX Series uses Evolves’s SafeviewTM software, whose interface is designed by keeping user’s ease in mind. The software interface is simplified such that even first time users can operate the machine comfortably.
  • Evolve’s ETS3107 – SDX Series is powered with single click assistance features like call maintenance, Screener Assist, Transmit to police, Transmit to Supervisor etc.

            ETS3107-SDX Series- Safety in Design

  • The Design of the Evolve’s ETS3107 – SDX Series of machines gives topmost priority to the prevention of X- Ray radiation with operator safety being the fundamental guideline.
  •  The ETS 3107-IDX series compiles with safety norms as per AERB and X- Ray Leakage are less than 1µSv/hr at the outer panels as well as entry and exit point of the system.
  • X- Ray emission takes place only within the inspection chamber and is protected by the geometry of the machine itself and by special curtains made from the material used to protect operators. An operator does not receive any significant x-ray dose.
  •  The machine design and electrical controls meet X-Ray safety regulations controlled by AERB and are documented through a unique certificate for each design.


  • Evolve Feel safe 5030™ and Feel safe 6040™ are the models of Baggage Scanner, which brings together advanced technology and extreme reliability to provide optimum security. Also, there are some updated types of baggage security scanners for special security purpose.
  • Evolves’s ETS3107- SDX are the series of Baggage Scanners which provide superior image quality and have been equipped with leading edge IT tools to enhance productivity.
  • Its wide application allows the operator to easy scanning of luggage, briefcases, backpacks, postal parcels, packaging, and other items effectively and accurately.
  • Baggage Scanner can detect prohibited inorganic and organic material like weapons, explosives, narcotics etc.
  • The design of Evolve X-ray baggage scanner gives top most priority to prevention of X-ray leakage with operator safety.

Standard Safety Features Include:-

  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Tunnel Curtains to prevent X-Ray leakage
  • Automatic shutter and safety switch
  • Safety interlock design

Optional Accessories and Features:-

  • Remote workstations.
  •  Supervisor workstation.
  • Entry Exit rollers(0.5m, 1m, 1.5m).
  • Footmat.
  • 24 inch LCD Monitors(Replaces 19 inch monitors).
  • Barrier for roller table.
  • 3 KVA Uninterrupted power supply.

Standard Features:-

  • Automated image archiving- up to 100000 images.
  • 2X to 16X User-selectable zoom.
  • User-friendly image review- up to last 150 images.
  • Manual archiving of images.
  • Six color imaging.
  • Geometric image distortion correction.
  • Threat Image Projection(TIP)
  • Organic and inorganic imaging.
  • Screener Assist.
  • Crystal clear feature for improved resolution and penetration.
  • Threat alert at supervisor’s mobile via SMS*.
  • High penetration function.
  • Threat alert at supervisor workstation
  • Edge-enhancement imaging.
  •  Daily MIS Reports to supervisor.
  • Variable Gamma Function.
  • Image annotation.
  • Density Alert.
  • Remote Operator Workstations.
  • User- defined access to image archive.
  • Call Maintenance.
  • Print image function.
  • Operator training program.
  • Real-time image manipulation.
  • Transmit to supervisor.
  • High-resolution 19 in (48.26 cm) LCD color monitor.
  • Transmit to police*.
  • Heavy duty rollers.
  • Networked (Always connected to internet).
  • Baggage counter.
  • Nine zoom zones.
  • Bi-Directional conveyor movement.


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